Online Petition Against Change Headphone Port on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Rumours Headphone Jack Petition

Every rumour about iPhone 7 attracts iPhone users worldwide. The latest rumours indicate many issues. For example, iPhone 7 will not include the standard headphone jack of 3.5mm size. Many users of iPhone express their disagreement for Apple’s iPhone 7 design. They encourage other users of iPhone to do it. Thus, many people express the resistance for this design by signing an online petition.

The number of petitions at Sum Of Us has increased in recent times (~250k at this point of time). This indicates that how people do not expect an iPhone without the standard headphone jack. Some people guess the design of iPhone 7. They forecast that users of iPhone 7 would use headphones. However, these headphones will be connected to the lightning port in the phone or Bluetooth.

What would happen after Apple release its iPhone 7 without the headphone jack? Existing accessories like headset and earphones become useless immediately. Apple does not confirm anything related to this subject until now. The company would change its idea about the iPhone 7 and makes its customers happy worldwide.

Some people do not have an idea to buy an iPhone 7. They like to upgrade their existing mobile with essential features. Some researches about this petition point out that Apple may have planned to force its users quit old headphones and create a load of e-waste.

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