Latest report claims Apple will exterminate headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone 7

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Port

The most recent rumours about the upcoming iPhone futures are mounting that the iPhone will fail to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Fast Company has revealed this latest news. This follows up a wide variety of attractive reports mainly from Asian blogs such as Macotakara.

Users of the iPhone have begun to predict features of the upcoming iPhone. They guess that the iPhone will include features like wireless charging support and waterproof. On the other hand, Fast Company goes a step ahead to forecast the next iPhone uniquely.

This company revealed that Apple has been planning to make use of Lightning port that supports wired headphones. However, there will be no possibility for a pair of EarPods of lightning enabled type for the next iPhone.

Apple would sell noise-cancelling nature of Lightning headphones to its customers. This is because Apple has begun to introduce noise-cancelling features with its audio chip partner, namely, Cirrus Logic to the audio chipset. This brand new feature will cut background noise with the upcoming Lightning headphones.

Apple may add the maximum support for charging through wireless mode and make the next iPhone with waterproof nature. This is because many users of iPhone have requested these two features in recent times.

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