An ideal way to bypass iCloud activation lock


Do you want to skip iCloud activation lock on your iPad? Here is what you need to do.

Many users of iPad get a few problems these days. They search for the best solutions for their problems in their favourite gadget. Do you suffer from iPad black screen of death? You can fix this problem in your iPad by the following instructions completely.

  • STEP 1: Connect the USB cable to a computer and leave the other end of the cable unplugged
  • STEP 2: Turn off your iPad
  • STEP 3: Plug an iPad to a computer while pressing and holding the Home until iTunes detect your device
  • STEP 4: Your iPad will back to normal after a few seconds. You can make use of your iPad as usual

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, feel free to contact us if this doesn’t help you. Provide us information which iPad model you use, and which iOS you run on it. With this information we can help you more specific, because this tutorial will not work on every device and iOS. Thank you for understanding.

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