Most Expected Features of iPhone: Android / iOS switch?


Android / iOS switch in iPhone is one of the main suggestions, from users of mobile gadgets worldwide. 8 track player, kickstand, RCA jacks…

Users of the iPhone have a crush on different facilities in it. On the other hand, they seek something different, and extraordinary all the time. They are keen to use every opportunity. They are ready to realize their wishes. There are different suggestions from many users of iPhone worldwide. These suggestions reveal that they seek an iPhone with almost every facility.

An Android/iOS switch in iPhone is one of the main suggestions from users of mobile gadgets worldwide. This is because many people wish to use favorable things in both these OSs. An antenna is an outdated element in the mobile. However, regular users of radio expect this facility in an iPhone. They like to use an antenna and prefer the most expected channels.

Everyone has a different lifestyle. An iPhone with a hand strap and shatterproof acrylic screen protector supports almost every user at all times. There are a few entertainment elements and professional elements in an iPhone today.

Many people seek 8 track player, kickstand, RCA jacks and punchcard reader besides an iPhone. They also wait for Newton-style stylus storage, flip-out keyboard, CD burner, Floppy Drive, Guitar jack, AC Power, Ear trumpet jack, Magsafe and Magsafe 2 at the bottom of an iPhone.

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