The Best Paid & Free iPhone Games of 2015

Free Paid iPhone Games 2015

The enlarged displays of Apple iPhones induce anybody to play the games. The iPhone games are available in different genres and the latest models of iPhones support the high-end graphics feature. It lets the gamers feel a real environment about the game and the responsive touch screens helps them to play the game without any struggle. The iPhones are not only smartphones but can be used as solid gaming consoles. The iPhone users can find the best games from the App-Store and the paid games are more amusing than the free games. Here, the users can find the Top 5 games for the iOS with its short description.

The best games for iPhone

The games are listed by category wise and these games will support with almost every models of iPhones.

  • Trivia Crack

    app_triviaIt is a brain puzzle game and it challenges the user’s brain to complete the missions. The gamers can challenge their friends too and it asks questions from various designs. The player needs to spin the wheel to provide the answer for the given question and he should master each stage to complete the game and it is a free app. »Download

  • Faster Than Light (FTL)

    ftlIt is an award winning PC spaceship simulation game. It is compatible with iPad 2 and above. The player needs to unravel mysteries and fight off slavers and should not lose their oxygen level. Similarly, the player should unlock the new ships and remaining stages by accomplishing the missions. The price of this app is $9.99. »Download

  • NBA 2k15

    NBA2K15It delivers a great basketball gameplay. The fast paced action and latest careers in this game amuse the users. It simulates real basketball environment to the users and the quick play modes are new in this game season. The price of this app is $7.99 and it requires iOS 5 and above versions. »Download

  • Real Racing 3

    real-racing-3_iconThe users can experience a fantastic driving that they wish for open roads. It let the gamers have a wide range of realistic-looking cars and can ride them in the race tracks. The gamers can enjoy Time trails, time shift multiplayer mode and Standard races in this game. Accomplishing the missions help the players to unlock the new cars and it can be freely downloaded from the App-Store. »Download

  • Shadowrun-Dragonfall

    Shadowrun Dragonfall It is a high-end fantasy game. It is a cyberpunk-themed RPG game which is filled with cyborg elves and magic-wielding corporations. The player needs to control the Shadowrunners and should complete the given assignments. The users can purchase this game in Apple iTunes for $4.99. »Download

The above-mentioned games have got high esteem from the users. The Paid games have its worth and the users can enjoy various facilities from it. Similarly, the free games also got a good rating by the iPhone users and that’s why these games are awarded as top iPhone games of 2015. The users can download these games for both iPhone and iPads because the listed games are compatible.

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